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Tile Options 101

If you’re investigating surfacing options for your backsplash, floors and walls, tile offers numerous advantages. It's a durable and easy-care material that can work just as well in sleek, contemporary settings as it does in more traditional settings.


In fact, tile options are so abundant today in both home-improvement stores and specialty tile shops that choosing among them can seem overwhelming. There are a lot of categories of tile, but the easiest way to separate them is into two groups: machine-made tiles and hand-cut natural stone tiles.


Machine-made tiles: ceramic, porcelain, cultured stone - uniform and inexpensive.

Machine-made tiles are very uniform and straight. They typically cost less than handmade tiles.


Durable, versatility, low maintenance, easy installation, low cost


Tough, variety of designs, low maintenance, easy installation, low cost. 

Cultured or engineered stone

Looks like natural stone, hard, durable

Glass tiles and mosaics

Beautiful, wonderful colours and effects

Hand-cut natural stone tiles: marble, slate, granite - unique tiles, natural colours.

Handmade tiles tend to be less uniform, because each hand-cut tile has been fashioned by the Creator Himself. You'll find them more interesting and beautiful, the colours deeper and richer. The colour of natural tile also can develop as it ages, just as the hue of a hardwood floor can change over time, and the added craftsmanship make these products more expensive.


Beautiful, wonderful colours and effects


Beautiful, natural colour seams and variations


Durable, dense, strong

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