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Fixing a customer's botched-up tile job

Posted on July 15, 2014 at 5:15 PM

A homeowner attempted to install a slate backsplash into his kitchen. When he had finished, he called me to fix the resulting mess. Here's a brief look at the job and how I fixed it:

 Here's the before shot

Slate is a porous natural material, and as such, grout sinks into the tile surface upon contact. The homeowner had a hard time removing excess grout when it started to dry and harden.

The remedy:

1) I completely removed the above section of the wall, including the drywall. The tile was stuck down with cement instead of mastic glue. As a result, when I started to remove tile from the wall, off came the drywall.

 2) I reinstalled the slate mosaic tiles, but before grouting, I sealed the tile to ensure that no grout would seep into the surface of the tile.

The homeowner installed tile around (not under) the power socket. This is not how to do it. The correct way to install tile around a socket is shown the following images:


Another before shot

But here's the after shot


I removed the socket plate, unscrewed the box and let the wires dangle...


I then installed mosaic tiles individually around the box.




I then installed the plate on the outside of the tile, giving a nice, clean, finished look.


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